Location & Hours

Our facility is located at 426 US HWY 60W in Republic, MO.  Our regular open mat hours are 3-8, M-F.  Saturday and Sunday TBD.


Open Mat workouts are unstructured times when mats are available to wrestlers who want to spend time drilling at their own pace.  We try to always have experienced wrestlers around to help out when you need a little guidance or motivation. 

If you need more structured time with your USA Wrestling Coach, mat reservations are available for private lessons.  


Freakstyle offers options for gym membershiops.  Save money with a monthly membership  or you can pay as you go.

Anyone coming to open mat or to classes must have a USA Wrestling Membership.  If you do not already have a membership, we can help you get one.


Regular classes are scheduled so you can fine-tune your fundamentals.  Classes will focus on specific techniques throughout the week.  Some classes will be included with your monthly gym membership or you can pay as you go.  


In addition to classes, Freakstyle hosts various clinics featuring experienced wrestlers who can help you take your technique to the next level.